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Every young professional needs to comprehend the global context in order to be competitive


  • We are an agency based in Chile. We design personalized, tailor-made, internship programs in our country.


  • It´s a Global World was born in 2011, and since then, an important numbers of international students have come to Chile to actively contribute to diverse local companies, NGOs, and other Chilean institutions. 


  • Since 2014 we are representatives in Chile for ISA ( internship programs in Santiago.


  • We are drawing on our extensive experience to offer international students full immersion in the Chilean culture, context, and language—an educational and growth experience unlike any other available. 


  • We provide the opportunity to actively contribute to a project defined by a local organization, aligned with the student's interests and goals


  • We are passionate about international internships and dedicated to help students achieve their goals for their experience in Chile.


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