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• A rapidly growing, economically strong, politically and socially stable country.


• Chile is the highest ranked country in terms of competitiveness and safety in Latin America.


• Offers a variety of stimulating Spanish-language immersion experiences, spanning the range of interests and settings, in a region and language of growing importance to all world citizens.


• Chile is one of Latin America’s leading countries in terms of connectivity.


• In Santiago you will find mild weather. It seldom rains during summer and humidity is low. Winters are not very cold, you may find rains but snow is very rare. Throughout the country, you will find all kind of climates; from the hot desert in the north to the rainy south and cold Patagonia.


• Santiago is a city with an active and vibrant cultural life. Local and international artists offer a variety of performances.


• Chile has unique natural landscapes; desert, beaches, ski resorts, vineyards, lakes and the Chilean Patagonia, all of which also make it a very attractive tourist destination.

Surprising, cosmopolitan, energetic, sophisticated and worldly, Santiago is a city of syncopated cultural currents, expansive museums and top-flight restaurants. No wonder 40 percent of Chileans call the leafy capital city home.

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