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Interning abroad is an experience that shapes a life forever. Something that can not be found in a classroom or in a book.

  • We design personalized, tailor-made, internship programs in Chile.


  • We offer full immersion programs in the Chilean culture, context, and language—an educational and growth experience unlike any other available. 


  • We provide them the opportunity to actively contribute to a project defined by a local organization, aligned with their interests and goals.


  • To enhance the cultural and linguistic experience, students can choose to live with local host families


  • We stay with students every step of the way, from a focused pre-departure orientation through full support while they are in this rapidly growing, developing part of Latin America.


We have internship opportunities in the following areas:



And many others!


We offer 6 to 12 weeks programs customized to specific time requirements.​ 


All our programs include:


  • Internship placement: We closely work with the local organizations to carefully design projects that match with each student’s skills and expectations. We offer tailor made opportunities to meet specific goals.


  • Housing with local host families or staying at a shared apartment: Our housing coordinator will identify a local host family to accommodate specific needs, interests, and expectations—making the most of this language-learning opportunities and exposure to a new, warm culture. Daily breakfast and dinner included, as well as laundry privileges.  If students choose to stay at an apartment they will stay with other students. All our participants stay within walking distance to the excellent public transportation system, in safe family neighborhoods.


  • Pre-departure material and support: Includes detailed travel, safety, and cultural information and many tips that will make the trip planning easier.


  • Orientation and support while in Chile: Once in the region, students participate in an intensive weeklong orientation program that helps them to better understand the culture. Practical tips on how to success in the internship will be shared and discussed.


  • Cultural and Learning Activities:  During the Orientation, students will participate in activities that will show them the city and the people they will never find with a travel guide.


  • Airport pick-up: Any day, at any time!


  • Guidance and personal support: We are based in Santiago, so they can count on us at any time. We provide the students a 24/7 phone line in case of emergencies.

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